Musica Dispersa at Music Hackspace # 03 Limewharf London 14/7/2016

Musica Dispersa return to Music Hackspace, this time in Limewharf, with experimentation and improvisation as the common denominators, bringing a line up of sound artists and experimental musicians.

Time and date: Thursday 14th July, 7pm-10pm

Location: Music Hackspace
@ Limewharf, Vyner Street,London


Lydia Kavina
Born in Moscow and currently living in Oxfordshire, UK, Lydia Kavina is one of the leading performing musicians on the theremin. Lydia began studying the theremin at the age of 9 under the direction of Léon Theremin, who was first cousin of her grandfather. Five years later she was ready to give her first theremin concert, which marked the beginning of her musical career that has so far led to more than a thousand concerts and theatre, radio and television performances of classic and contemporary music, throughout the world.

The S&M Accidental Orchestra
Experimentation and Improvisation with this ‘accidental’ band formed by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and joined for this time by London based artists Edmund Davie, Michael Forrest , Marina Young,Phil Mfu and Jude Cowan Montague with the direction of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt.

Heidi Heidelberg
A gutsy electric guitarist and master of the loop pedal she has written music for award-winning films and theatre, and collaborated with a number of innovative artists. Her current collaborations include ‘Bitch ‘n’ Monk’ – an experimental/jazz duo project with Colombian flautist Mauricio Velasierra, with whom she has composed and performed live scores for award-winning cinematographers Yuri Pirondi and Ines Von Bonhorst, showcasing at the V&A Museum and other notable galleries.

Gareth Chapman and Barclay Brennan work addresses the relationship that melody has within texture and how this intrinsically relates to the listener.
Each piece is an organically layered composition that is comprised from dozens of micro-melodies. Stratified together, these ordinarily nebulous melodies create dense textures that allude to harmony and musicality in a seemingly abstract way.

19’00 – 19’30 – Matawan

19’45 – 20’15 – Heidi Heidelberg

20’30 – 21’00 – Lydia Kavina

21’15 – 22’00 – The S&M Accidental Orchestra

Lydia Kavina:

The S&M Accidental Orchestra


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