REVIEW Musica Dispersa 05 Power Lunches 4/7/15

Musica Dispersa 05 Power Lunches, London 4/7/2015

MD 05
flyer design by Istishhad Hheva

Musica Dispersa 05 is focused in club music through experimental techno,modular synths and techno/acid classics with lives and djs,
we want to recreate the atmosphere of the small dark techno clubs in the beginnings,

– Vasco Ispirian (Live Techno)
Vasco is truly one of the most innovative and astute music producers and DJs of our time. A budding music fledging in the early 90s, he was captivated during the birth of techno and house bringing a raw quality of ‘classic’ electronic music into his ever developing sound. A cutting edge artist, he is now living and working in New York City as a producer, DJ, and teacher. With the launch of his new label ‘Made in Green Records’, Vasco will continue to ride the wave of creativity while keeping to his roots by pressing the first release of this series on vinyl.

– Shelly Knotts (Live Electronics)
Algorave* (noun)
1. Algoraves embrace the alien sounds of raves from the past, and introduce alien, futuristic rhythms and beats made through strange, algorithm-aided processes.
As code-fuelled ravers dance to wonky algorithmic glitches, an onstage battle of wills occurs as the performer uses live programming to coerce the laptop into an inevitably noisy landscape of deformed calculations and deviant beats.
A performance narrative is derived by searching twitter during the performance for tweets containing the words “algorithm” and “rave”. Scanning collected tweets for commonly occurring words provides an artificial social commentary on the performer’s genuinely antisocial code play.

– Serious Cut & Fortune Gate (Live/DJ Techno)
Pure techno music in this hybrid dj/live with serious cut spinning great vinyls and Fortune Gate adding sounds and effects from his modular synth.


– Eden Grey (Live Modular System)
Eden Grey composes experimental electronic music using analog technologies combining elements of different styles including dub, techno, electro, dnb and hip hop; the musical performance is centered around live improvisation on her custom modular synthesizer.

– Toni Quiroga (Live Techno)
Toni is a young and talented artist who brings pure techno music through self-made modular synths. Only one word can describe his music and that word is Techno.

– Dome (Live Abstract/Techno)
Dome is the Techno project of the london-based artist Hheva, also a member of Mureed,Techno beats and loops in an abstract atmosphere.


– A.Y (Live Ambient/Noise)
From Japan to London Afasia will open the party with noise and ambient soundscapes.

A (4)

– FabZ DJ Techno/Acid/Electro Classics!
FabZ is our dj to close the night with a great selection of 90s Techno,Acid and Electro Classics! Expect gems from greats labels such R&S,Basic Channel or Underground Resistance.

 19:25 - 19:45 - A.Y
 20'00 - 20'30 - Eden Grey
 20'45 - 21'15 - Shelly Knotts
 21'30 - 22'00 - Toni Quiroga
 22'15 - 22'45 - Dome
 23'00 - 23'45 - Vasco Ispirian
 00'00 - 00'45 - Serious Cut/Fortune Gate
 00'45 - 02'00 - Fabz Dj

PHOTO Gallery by Marta Montes Vilela>







A.Y Live



THANK YOU To all the people involved directly or indirectly.


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