Musica Dispersa 02 Experimental event at The Castle

Musica Dispersa 02 At The Castle, London 8/11/14

2 Floors with Experimental and Electronic Music, Audio-Visual Acts, Lives and DJs.Visual Installation.Shop

Purpura(Live)/Ewa Justka(Live)/Lutfi Othman(Live)/Carlos Garate(Live)/PHLGM(Live)/Dome(Live)/0AH(Dj)/mRN(Dj)/Yngryd(Dj)/Miguel Colmenares(Dj)/Diane Edwards(V)

MD 02

club (1)

gear (3)

carlos garate (2)Carlos Garate (Live)

rasul (1)Lutfi Othman (Live)

ewa (4)Ewa Justka (Live)

purpura (3)purpura (1)Purpura (Live)

domeDome (Live)

YNGRYD 3 OKYngryd (DJ)




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