Musica Dispersa 01 Experimental Event
The Castle,London 04/10/14
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Carlos Garate Live
Teknocanibaal Live
St.O.M Live
Cao Live
LaMetaFisica A/V Live

Mureed Live

Shelley Parker DJ
Musica Dispersa DJ
Diane Edwards Visual Installation

Musica Dispersa 02 Experimental Event
The Castle,London 08/11/14
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Carlos Garate Live
Rasul A/V Live
0AH Live
Purpura A/V Live

Ewa Justka Live
Musica Dispersa DJ
Dome Live

mRN Live

Yngryd DJ

Musica Dispersa at Music Hackspace 01
Music Hackspace,London 26/03/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Clara Black DJ
Phil Mill Live
Rasul Live
Ewa Justka Live
ElPuebloDeChina Live

Musica Dispersa 03 Experimental Event
George Tavern,London 04/04/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Cao Live
Blanca Regina/Steve Beresford Live
Bioni Samp Live
ElPuebloDeChina Live
Dome Live
Musica Dispersa DJ
Diane Edwards Visuals

Musica Dispersa at Music Hackspace 02
Music Hackspace,London 07/05/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Pharmakustik Projection
Hilde und Torben Dickmann Live
Harmergeddon Live
IOM Live
Luke Jordan Live

Musica Dispersa 04 Anatums Abode
Anatums Abode,London 16/05/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Patryk Lichota/Piotr Bokowski Installation
Postcards from the volcano Live
Kalla Live/Performance
Mureed Live/Film score
Neofung + Cao Live/Performance
Hilde und Torben Dickmann Live
0AH Live
xname Live
Clara Black DJ
Diane Edwards Visual Installation
Celine Villaneau Projection
Pharmakustik Film/Projection
Valentine E. Bossert Installation
Musica Dispersa 05 Experimental Techno
Power Lunches,London 04/07/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Afasia Yurikayura Live

Eden Grey Live

Shelly Knotts Live
Toni Quiroga Live

Dome Live
Vasco Ispirian Live
Fortune Gate/Serious Cut Live/DJ

Musica Dispersa 06 Experimental Sunday
The Old Bath House,London 16/08/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Matawan Live
Laughingstock101 Live
Parishskij Pumpkin Live
Anthony Elliot Installation
Hyperstasis A/V Live
Lory Allen A/V Live
Wajid Yaseen Voice/Live
People of Lut + Nadeem Live
Marlo Eggplant Live
Phantom Chips Live
xname Live
Stray Transmission Live
Mnemoniic Live

Musica Dispersa Exhibition
Platform504,London 02/08/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Eden Grey Live
Sebastian Melmoth Film/Projection
Suso Flores Workshop
Conny Prantera Video
Philippe Neau Video
Musica Dispersa 07 Experimental Transoceanic
Power Lunches,London 04/09/15
Line/up: (In order of sets)
Suso Flores Live
Luca Nasciuti Live
Tasos Stamou Live
Hysteresis Live
Stanier Black-Five Live
Furchick Live

Fer Xplosion DJ

Neofung Visuals
Lory Allen Visuals


Musica Dispersa Radio:

29/03/14 – Musica Dispersa at Oscilacion Radio,Madrid (Guest)

31/08/14 – Musica Dispersa at Electromagnetic Field Festival,Bletchley (DJ)

20/10/14 – Musica Dispersa Records (Launch)
14/11/14 – Musica Dispersa + Cao at Happenstance Radio,London (Guest,DJ)
24/01/15 – Musica Dispersa aired in IberoFM,Mexico (DJ)

01/02/15 – Musica Dispersa Showcase at Hundred Years Gallery with Elpueblodechina and Dome.
08/02/15 – Musica Dispersa Radio from Hundred Years Gallery with Elpueblodechina and Rasul.
01/03/15 – Musica Dispersa at Hundred Years Gallery (DJ)
28/04/15 – Musica Dispersa at 4 Legs Good Event (DJ)
30/05/15 – Musica Dispersa at Invisible Museum Event (DJ)


Musica Dispersa Bandcamp:
Musica Dispersa Records discography at Discogs:
2014 – MD001 – Musica Dispersa 01 Experimental Compilation
2015 – MD002 – Musica Dispersa 02 Electrique Compilation
2015 – MD003 – Musica Dispersa 02 Mechanique Compilation

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